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Wine production technical consulting

The activity is to provide technical advice to members on the technical aspects of wine production under the European organic farming regulations. This advisory focuses on plant protection, soil cultivation, handling weeds and fertilization. To feed the content of this technical advice, and because the resolution of technical problems need to include multiple sources of knowledge, various sources of information are analysed and evaluated

  • the experimental results of the INRA and the IFV, for example: fight against grapevine flavescence dorée, copper runoff and copper toxicity in soils.
  • empirical knowledge collected from surveys of growers, to understand the constraints of technical guidance at farm level and solutions used by some winemakers.
  • the specialist bibliography
  • experiments conducted by Sudvinbio or its affiliates

The experimental activity of Sudvinbio wine since 2008 has focused on the following tests:

  • search for alternatives to sulphur in the fight against oidium
  • study of production costs for plots and farms
  • identification of organic fertilisers used in organic viticulture

There is a large number of partners: SupAgro Montpellier, INRA UMR System, ITV Rodilhan, GRAB, Chambers of Agriculture and the Department CIVAM Bio and CER France. Sudvinbio is also involved in training activities: Advanced vocational diploma (BTS) Viti-Oeno in Nîmes Rodilhan, Advanced vocational diploma (BTS) viti Agropolis High School.

The experimental research activity is financially supported under the Research and Experimentation Plan financed by the Languedoc-Roussillon and AgriMer France. The consulting activity of the technical department is financed by the DRAAF.

Communication with growers through various media:

  • direct visits and individual contact with members
  • participation in the edition of the phytosanitary newsletter in the department 66
  • participation in the publication of the organic section of the Rhone-Mediterranean vineyards guide (in partnership CA34-GRAB)
  • publication of a booklet on "the fight against Grapevine flavescence dorée in organic viticulture" in the Trajectories collection (Technical Reference No. 19) of the Regional Chamber of Agriculture in partnership with the CA34 and CIVAM Bio 34
  • Organization of information days and demonstrations: December 2011 on the production costs and the guide of organic fertilizers.

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Inter-professional association of organic wines in the Occitanie region.

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